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Для путешественников,утративших документы и не имеющих возможности получить новые

Заполнив нижеприведенную форму и послав по указанному адресу, можно получить паспорт гражданина мира на восемь лет.
Наша экспедиция официально информирует о том что указанный паспорт полностью признаётся пятью государствами Африки.В остальных странах он признаётся от случая к случаю, в зависимости от человеческого фактора чиновника.Но,в любом случае,это лучше чем ничего.
Более подробную информацию смотрите на сайте:

World Service Authority World Office

1012 14th Street NW, Suite 205, Washington, DC 20005 USA
Tel: (202) 638-2662
Fax: (202) 638-0638

WSA District Office
#165 Guiping Road, Rose Garden #89, Shanghai 200233, China
Tel: (86)(215) 420-7077
Fax: (86)(215) 420-7575

THIS APPLICATION FORM IS FREE. Please photocopy if additional forms are required.

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Print application form. Applications must be made in writing. 2. Mark which documents and postage you want (minimum shipping/handling required per applicant). 3. Fill out personal information in block letters or by typewriter. 4. Sign ATTESTATION OF UNDERSTANDING AND CERTIFICATION OF INFORMATION. 5. Have your signature authenticated. 6. Send with 4 photos and bank check in US dollars with US bank name on front of check, international money order in US dollars, international postal money order, Western Union QuickPay to code city WSA,DC with account number 4624 (Western Union only available through the Washington, DC World Office), completed credit card form below (only available through the Washington, DC World Office) or International Response Coupons to : WSA World Office, 1012 14th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005. Or WSA District Office, #165 Guiping Road, Rose Garden #89, Shanghai 200233, China. For expedited issuance services, please contact the WSA Washington, DC World Office.
No WSA document will be issued without payment or proof thereof. *Always send proof of payment with application.*

---World Passport--- ___ World Identity Card / US$20
___ 8 years / US$100 ___ World Birth Card / US$20
___ 5 years / US$75 ___ World Birth Certificate / US$20
___ 3 years / US$45
___ World Donor Passport (15 years)
(The World Donor Passport is issued for a donation of at least US$400 to the World Refugee Fund,
which enables the WSA to issue free WSA documents to needy refugees and stateless persons.
The World Donor Passport is similar to a regular WSA World Passport except that it has a
special,gold-embossed cover and is valid for a 15-year period.)

(Required) US and international shipping and handling fees (per applicant):

Within USA:
___ US $4 (required minimum)
___ US $7 (with Certified Return Receipt)

International Mail:
___ US $8 (required minimum)
___ US $15 (International Registered Mail)

(For Office Use Only) WSA#________________

Last Name _____________________________ First Name(s) ___________________________

Street_________________________________ City & Postal Code __________________

State Province_________________________ Country ______________________________

Telephone______________________________ Fax __________________________________

Email and Personal Internet Web Site _________________________________________

Place of Birth_________________________ Date of Birth ________________________
Gender (M) (F) Height______________ Color of Eyes________________________

Special Marks _________________________ Occupation ___________________________

(For World Birth Card and Certificate, answer the following:)

Father"s Name________________________Mother"s Name____________________________

Submit 4 photos and print your name on the back of each one. Color accepted.
Photos should be between 1 and 1 3/4 inches. Photos are for file, replacement if
necessary, and ID card, in addition to passport.

Address to which documents should be sent:




understands that the World Service Authority accepts no responsibility for the
position of any government as regards the acceptance of the WSA passport and/or
its other identification documents. The applicant is solely responsible for the
use of the passport and accompanying documents, which are the bearer"s property.
The applicant swears that the information on this form is true and correct.
Important: Applicants under 16 years of age must have the Attestation of
Understanding signed by a parent or guardian.

Signature and Date___________________________________________________


On this _______ day of ________________, 20____,
before me came_________________________________________,
known to me and known by me to be the person who executed
the foregoing application, and he/she thereupon duly
acknowledged to me that he/she executed the same.

Certifying Official Signature and Seal:

Applicant"s Fingerprint:


This application is free. Please photocopy if additional forms are required. If
forms or information in other languages are required, please specify

Send me _______ applications in (Circle only those which apply)

---------------- CREDIT CARD PAYMENT FORM -----------------
You may make donations and pay service fees by credit card.
Please complete the form below and return it to the WSA with
the completed application form above. You must include a
photocopy of the front side and back side of your credit card.
Please note that there are NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES.

Type of Credit Card (Check One):

___Visa ___Mastercard ___Discover ___Diner"s Club ___Amex

Credit Card Number:_______________________________

Expiration Date (Month/Year): ____________________

Name as it appears on the card: ____________________________

Authorized Signature and Date: _____________________________

Telephone & email of card holder: __________________________

Billing Address
including Postal (Zip) Code: _______________________________